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Our Story at Cattery365

Cattery 365 Corby is a fully licensed and regularly inspected – comfort, health and hygiene is our #1 priority.

We make sure that your cat is well cared for even if you are away.

Our small cattery is located in Bedfordshire. It is under the personal care of our owner who guarantees that individual cat requirements are always catered.

We are proud to present top-notch accommodation and care for your precious feline friends.

Our cattery Corby is located at our home, close to our house for optimum security and overlooks the big peaceful and secluded gardens.

It’s the ideal place for your loving pets to enjoy their holiday and relax.

Cattery 365 Corby welcomes viewings, as we’re proud of our cattery facility as well as the standard of care we provide.

We support prior viewing. What’s more, no appointment is needed when visiting within our opening times.


A Home From Home For Your Furry Friend!

We also treat our cat guests as individuals. We offer them all phases of affection and play each day.

We ensure that your cat will have a soothing time and that you’ll return to find them gratified and joyful.

We suggest that you tell us about their routine, likes and dislikes on arrival so we can treat your loving friend just like they’re at home.

Our Philosophy

Our staff is ready and always willing to take the best of your cat while you are away.

All cats are taken outside separately into one of our play yards to play.

Our philosophy is based on the natural principles of life: Love, Understanding and Respect. Every cat in our cattery is treated with these values.


We Understand The Cats Needs

We respect every kittens and cat the way they are. We also understand that cats have different needs due to their genetics. That’s the foundation for a good relationship with your feline friend.

Cattery 365 don’t try to change them or control them. We can teach them and train, but they have their own mind.

Cattery 365 is your home for your cat!

Cats Are Our Passion

Our love for different breeds of cat is our passion. We cherish every cat that we own and each kitten we took good care of.

As cat owners ourselves, we know that the idea of leaving your pet in someone else’s care while you are away can be distressing.

So, we encourage you to talk about any issues you might have with us.

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