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Do you have questions about our cattery services? Below is a list of some of the frequently asked questions of our customers.

Here are Frequently Asked Questions -

The most crucial thing to bring is an updated vaccination record of your cat. We will offer all litter trays, bowls, bedding, toys and foods, but are encouraged to bring the toys and bedding of your cat if you want.

Don’t worry, because cats can adapt to their environment. As long as they’re comfortable, well looked after and fed, they are perfectly fine.

Of course. If your cats get along well, we recommend you to board them together

Cattery 365’s cattery offers heated beds. You can rest assured that your pets will be comfortable and warm at all times.

Yes, we motivate you to bring treats and toys. Nonetheless, we can’t assure their safe return should your pet destroy them.

Every cat at Cattery 365 is given with a clean bed, but you’re welcome to bring the bedding of your own cat if you like. Nonetheless, we can’t ensure their safe return should your cat damage them.

In the event of your feline friend falling ill, our local veterinarian will attend to make an examination. Any expenses incurred will be paid at the period of treatment and will be included in your boarding invoice. Wherever possible, you’ll be phoned and kept updated of any treatment required.

Yes, you can, but we need seven days notice in the event of cancellation. Take note that cancellations with less than 7 days notice will incur complete charge balance to be paid. When the suite could be resold, a full or partial refund might be presented at our discretion depending on the case.

There’s no need for you to worry because Cattery 365 pride ourselves in our patience, expertise and care in making every guest feel cared for, special and relaxed. Even nervous cats will settle in no time.

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